Catrice Collection

Dit is een lijst van alle Catrice lakjes die ik vond. Alles wat doorstreept is heb ik ondertussen al te pakken kunnen krijgen. De niet doorstreepte lakjes moet ik nog kopen om mijn collectie compleet te hebben.
Aangepast op 07/11/2012.


010 Don't Feed The Birds
020 MAN, GO Tango!
030 Meet Me At Coral Island
040 Princess For A Day
050 The Pinker The Better
060 Bloody Mary To Go
070 Caugt On The Red Carpet
080 Let's Talk About Barrie!
090 The Devil Wears Red
100 Wine-Tastic
110 Poison Me, Poison You!
120 Plum Play With Me (verdwijnt in 2012)
130 Lucky In Lilac  (verdwijnt in 2012)
140 Let's Mauve On!  (verdwijnt in 2012)
150 Big Spender Wanted!
160 Sweets For My Sweets
170 I Scream Peach!
180 Hot Or Not?
190 Wrapped Around My Finger
200 From Dusk To Dawn
210 Just Married
220 Lost In Mud
230 Clay-Ton, My Hero
240 Sold Out Forever
240 Sold Out Forever (nieuw lente/zomer 2012)
250 I Sea You!
260 Blue's Brother
270 It Blue My Mind!
280 London's Wheather Forecast (nieuw lente/zomer 2012)
290 My Best Friend's Tiara
300 Be My Millionaire
310 I See Through You
320 Back To Black  (verdwijnt in 2012)
330 Absolute Chinchilly!
340 Run Forest Run!  (verdwijnt in 2012)
350 Hip Queens Wear Blue Jeans! (nieuw lente/zomer 2012)
360 Raspberry Fields For Ever
370 Just Berried!
380 Forget Me Not  (verdwijnt in 2012)
390 Easy Peasy Lemon Squeezy!
400 Blue Cara Ciao
410 Pool Party At Night
420 Dirty Berry
430 Purplelized  (verdwijnt in 2012)
440 I Wear My Sunglasses At Night  (verdwijnt in 2012)
450 Sand Fransisco  (verdwijnt in 2012)
460 In The Bronx (Modern Muse-aug/sept 2011)  (verdwijnt in 2012)
470 Snow Motion  (verdwijnt in 2012)
480 Miss Piggy Reloaded  (verdwijnt in 2012)
490 Iron Mermaiden  (verdwijnt in 2012)
500 Sir, Yes Sir!  (verdwijnt in 2012)
510 Bye, Bye Birdy!
520 Apropos Abricot
530 Up In The Air
540 Am I Blue Or Green  (verdwijnt in 2012)
550 Marilyn & Me
560 Rusty But Sexy (Modern Muse-aug/sept 2011)
570 Beavis & Mud-Head
580 Blues Brother Vol. II  (verdwijnt in 2012)
590 Jade Is Not My Name  (verdwijnt in 2012)
600 After Eight
610 ASHley
620 Captain Sparrow's Boat (Modern Muse-aug/sept 2011)
630 Sing: Hey, Dirty-Lilah!
640 Grey's Kelly
650 Goldfinger (Modern Muse-aug/sept 2011)
660 I'm A Star  (verdwijnt in 2012)
670 It's Rambo No. 5 Nymphelia (febr/maart 2012)
680 Khaki Perry (Modern Muse-aug/sept 2011)
690 Fred said red (Nymphelia febr/maart 2012)
700 Birdy Reloaded (nieuw lente/zomer 2012)
710 Dulce & Gavanna (Nymphelia febr/maart 2012)
720 Bruno Brownani (nieuw lente/zomer 2012)
740 King of Greens (nieuw lente/zomer 2012)
770 Put lavender on agenda (nieuw lente/zomer 2012)
780 Welcome to Roosywood (nieuw lente/zomer 2012)
790 The pinky and the brains (nieuw lente/zomer 2012)
800 Heavy metallilac (nieuw lente/zomer 2012)
810 Acid/dc (nieuw lente/zomer 2012)
820 Pimp my shrimp (nieuw lente/zomer 2012)
830 Salmon and Garfunkel (Nymphelia febr/maart 2012)
840 Genius in a bottle
850 Aretha's R-E-S-P-I-N-K
860 Browno Mars
865 Yellow Sub-Mandarin (herst/winter 2012)
870 Cooper Cabana (herst/winter 2012)
875 It's All Can Blue (herst/winter 2012)
880 No Snow Petrol (herst/winter 2012)
890 How I Matt Your Mothe(herst/winter 2012)
895 I Am A Lob-Star (herst/winter 2012)
900 Steel My Hear(herst/winter 2012)
905 Steel My Soul (herst/winter 2012)
910 Oh My Goldness! (herst/winter 2012)
915 George Blueney (herst/winter 2012)

Top Coats
Frosting Top Coat  (verdwijnt in 2012)
Prismatic Effects Top Coat  (verdwijnt in 2012)
Quick Dry & High Shine Top Coat

Ultimate Nudes
010 Dance like a prima ballerina
020 Cotton Candy At Eiffel Tower
030 My Café Au Lait At Nôtre-Dame
040 Petit Four As Dessert
050 Moulin Rouge Light
060 Mona Lisa Is Staring Back  (verdwijnt in 2012)
070 Same seine but different
080 Sing: Oh, Champs-Elysés
090 Karl says très chic
100 Sky & Seine (herst/winter 2012)

SpectaculART (nov/dec 2012)
C01 Artfully Lustrous
C02 Holi Hai
C03 Revel the Red
C04 Soulful
Gol Leaf Top Coat

Upper WILDside (sept 2012)
C01 Be aztec!
C02 Hunting Heritage
C03 Urban Outsider
C04 Wild, wild west side
C05 Red rocks

Cucuba (aug/sept 2012)
C01 Sunny Side
C02 Reggaeton
C03 Salsa Cubana
C04 Havana Drum
C05 Take it mint

Coolibri (juli/aug 2012)
C01 Birds Flying High
C02 Twist of Lemon
C03 Abloom
C04 Exotica
C05 Virgin Forest

Cruise Couture (juni 2012)

C01 Hi, Society!
C02 Jetsetter
C03 Welcome to Pink Tropez
C04 Feel the Yacht Beat
C05 Nautica

Revoltaire (mei 2012)
C01 Innocent Toxin
C02 Attracting Camouflage
C03 Colour Bomb
C04 Colour of Honor
C05 Mission Lilac

Million Styles (maart/apr 2012)
C01 No Smoke Without Fire
C02 Million Dollar Baby
C03 Miss Money Penny
C04 Shake it! Flake it!
C05 Return of Space Cowboys
C06 Godfather of Pearl
C07 Holo Qué Tal?!
C08 Have an Ice Day

feMALE (maart/apr 2012)
C01 A Woman's World
C02 Nude
C 03 Who are Blue?
C04 So Suit!

Nymphelia (febr/maart 2012)
C01 Be Pool
670 It's Rambo No. 5
690 Fred said red
710 Dulce & Havanna
830 Salmo and Garfunkel

Hidden World (jan/febr 2012)
01 White and Seek
02 Walk on air
03 Wood you follow me?

Welcome to Las Vegas (nov/dec 2011)
C01 Lovely Sinner
C02 Alluring Night
C03 Star of the Show
C04 Drama Queen

Big City Life (okt/nov 2011)
01 London
02 Berlin
03 Sydney
04 New York

Bohemia (okt/nov 2011)
C01 Yes, You Tan!
C02 Bring Me Terra Copper!
C03 Looking Sunkissed
C04 Be Indiglow!

Modern Muse (aug/sept 2011)
460 In The Bronx
560 Rusty But Sexy
620 Captain Sparrow's Boat
650 Goldfinger
680 Khaki Perry

Out Of Space (juni/juli 2011)
C01 My Milkyway
C02 Houston's Favorite
C03 Beam Me Scotty!
C04 Moonlight Express

Papagena (mei/juni 2011)
C01 Enter the Undergrowth
C02 Welcome to the Jungle
C03 Amazonian Gold
C04 Bird of Paradise

Enter Wonderland (maart/mei 2011)
C10 Frobidden Apple
C20 Lavenderlicious
C30 Wonderland Green Card
C40 Miracle Heaven

Floralista (feb/maart 2011)
C01 Pink Spring
C02 Coral’s Enchanted Garden
C03 Lavender Breeze
C04 Walk in the Woods

Urban Baroque (jan/feb 2011)
C01 Pearls & Chains
C02 Baroque & Rock
C03 Princess & Ballerina
C04 Biscuits & Cupcakes

Glamourama (nov/dec 2010)
C01 Mirror Mirror
C02 En Vogue
C03 Timesquare at midnight
C04 Glamourista

Expect The Unexpected (sept/okt 2010)
C01 Spruced Up
C02 Looking Greyt
C03 Purposely Purple
C04 Crispy Crimson

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